Visit the original place of production and in one sip you will be able to taste our grapes, sun, salt and our hard work.

Degustacije vina u eksluzivnom restoranu na Pelješcu

Wine tastings

Join us on the unforgettable wine tastings of the best croatian wines and experience one of the best views on the Adriatic sea with the glass of our kings Dingač wine.


If you are organizing special occasion or party, you are hosting important guests or you want to feel and drink high quality red wine. Make your events unforgettable with our wines and rise them on the next level.

Čaše vina Dingač na eventu

We are welcome and in front happy to see you in our winery! Breathtaking degustations and famous domestic food specialities with the centuries old stories about our captains are ensuring unique and unforgettable experience.

Wine tastings

Škvar 2
Orebić, 20250

Winery & Vineyard

Potomje 9
Potomje, 20244


Vrbik 17
Zagreb, 10000


For ensuring the best service from our side, please read this short instructions and feel free to reach us throughout one of the channels mentioned above.

You are interested in degustations of our wines, you are on the trip and passing near or organizing wine tours, you are always welcome to our degustation place which is within our Hotel Indijan. For the larger groups please call, or reach us through any channel one weak in front, or if you need also an accommodation please reach us one month earlier.

If you are interested in visiting our beautiful vineyards of Dingač, Postup or Plavac mali and you want to taste wine directly from out wine basements feel free to reach us, we will be happy to arrange your visit. In addition if you are interested to be part of our vintage process on the site during the September and you want to possibly try yourself during the vintage on the 50° slope on the Dingač locality contact us directly and we will put you on our list and inform you about the next steps.

To ensure and deliver to you ordered quantities of our high quality wines anywhere in Croatia, please contact us 5 days in front of the your wanted delivery date.