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Plavac mali variety is growing in the Southern Dalmacija region. As most important authentic croatian variety Plavac Mali is backbone of the wine tradition of this region. On the area of Pelješac peninsula and its vineyards today there are growing around 950 hectares with grapes, where 90% of that area is covered by black grapes varieties.

Middle and Southern Dalmatia
Vineyard region
Vineyard region Pelješac
Dingač, Postup, Potomje
from 1 to 961 meters
Vine family
Plavac Mali
Mediterranean climate
brown carbonate
Karta Hrvatske

During its existence, the Plavac Mali variety has adapted to the terrain and climate of these vineyards and it gives the best results of the Plavac Mali variety, specifically on the Pelješac peninsula. The most famous micro-location of the this variety is Dingač, which is also the first Croatian protected wine of the controlled origin (since 1961).

Pebble slopes of the Pelješac peninsula, rich with minerals and turned to the sea and sun are crucial for the distinctive, rich taste and Rubin red color of our wines. Although it is less well-known, second protected Croatian wine of the controlled origin is Postup (since 1967) that we also have in our wine selection.